The purpose of Druid Hills Youth Sports is to promote good character, health, and sportsmanship among the youth of the community through sports.

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DHYS Leagues & Descriptions

Contact VPs for more information about league play, coaches, rules, etc.:

Vice President, Softball:
Rob McHoul,

Vice President, Lower Division (Rookie, A, AA):
Mike Derijke,

Vice President, Upper Division (AAA, Major, Senior):
Graham Barron,

League Directors:

  • Senior LD (13U and 14U), Eric Twombly - 
  • Middle School LD, Bob McMahon - 
  • Major National LD (11U and 12U), Bob McMahon - 
  • Major American LD (11U and 12U), Eric Sevigny 
  • AAA National LD (9U and 10U), Mark Rebillot - 
  • AAA American LD (9U and 10U), Lev Vaysman 
  • A/AA National LD (7U and 8U), Duke Guthrie 
  • A/AA American LD (7U and 8U), Pete Jacxsens - 
  • Rookie LD (5U and 6U), Andrea Wilson - 
  • Softball Lower Division (6U and 8U), Carson Wiggins - 
  • Softball Upper Division, (10U and 12U) Phil Bemiss - 


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Rookie (T-Ball - Ages 5 and 6): The Rookie League is for players new to baseball. Players will be introduced to the fundamentals of baseball mechanics and muscle memory.

Practices and games will be short and instructional. A batting T will be used for hitting throughout the season. For the 6 year olds, a coach will pitch to players the second half of the season (after 6 pitches, the T will be used). One coach is allowed in the outfield for instruction of the defense.

A/AA: (Ages 7 or 8)  Players will continue to concentrate on the fundamentals of the game including development of more advanced hitting, throwing and base-running techniques. Players will continue learning the rules of baseball for improved team play and a coach will pitch throughout the season. For the first half of the season, if needed, one coach is allowed in the outfield for instruction of the defense.  
A/AA is comprised of a National League and American League.

AAA: (Ages 9 and 10) This is REAL baseball for 9 and 10 year olds. Player pitch is used for the entire season. Drills and practices focus on base running, defensive techniques and fundamental hitting. Players are exposed to a range of defensive positions during games. AAA is comprised of a National League and American League.

Major (Ages 11 and 12) Full-on baseball, all the time. Players in Major gain more experience in advanced skills and strategy. For the first time, players experience lead-offs, base stealing, holding runners, and balks.  Runners can advance on dropped third strikes. These players have the strength and maturity to play more competitive and faster-paced games. They learn the importance of the small details and mental preparation.  
Major is comprised of a National League and American League.

Senior (Ages 13, 14, and 15) Players continue to develop baseball skills as they enter their teen years. Spring season games and practices are scheduled to avoid conflicts with middle school and JV programs, to encourage participation in both school and DHYS baseball. This is a good complement for school baseball, as well as an alternative for players who want to participate at a recreational level only.