The purpose of Druid Hills Youth Sports is to promote good character, health, and sportsmanship among the youth of the community through sports.

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Welcome Team Parents!

Thanks for volunteering to be the Team Parent for your team! Team Parents work as the liaison between the families on your team, the team manager and the organization of DHYS.  If any questions come up and you need help, we've listed the names of the people that will most likely have the answer.

External Booster (Team, Field and League Sponsorships; Banners)

Internal Booster (Photo Day, Trophies)


Uniforms and Equipment

Registration, Rosters

DHYS Board President


Snack Schedule

Parents typically provide a snack and drink (no glass bottles) for players and coaches following the games. The team parent coordinates the snack schedule. We suggest assigning each family a game date at the beginning of the season. It's always nice to include siblings of the players when you provide the snack! Please also be aware of any players on your team that might have food allergies and must avoid any contact with snacks that might cause reactions.



Jerseys, socks, belts and caps will be provided to Team Parents by the Team Manager. All teams will wear white or gray pants. When you receive the jerseys, make sure you give each player the size shirt that they ordered on the roster. If someone has ordered the wrong size, adjustments will need to be made. Tell your Team Manager, who will contact the League Director. You may also contact Stan Flowers, Equipment/Uniforms directly.

The Team Parent should have players' names placed on the backs of the jerseys.

- Rookie and A-AA players have their first names put on the jerseys.

- AAA, Majors, and Seniors have their last names on the jerseys.

The easiest way to charge each parent for this cost is to add up the total cost of lettering for the team and divide by the number of kids. A couple of reliable lettering places are:

Decatur Screenprint, 340 W Ponce de Leon Ave. in Decatur, 404-377-5447

Gentle Sales, Lawrenceville Hwy in Tucker, 770-621-0700

Zomma's, 3664 Clairmont Rd (by PDK), 770-451-2991

Mary Lynn Jones, , 404-429-1916



DHYS now holds a picture/portrait day in both the Fall and Spring seasons. A picture day schedule usually is posted after the season starts. Your team must arrive 30 minutes prior to the appointment time. Individual picture order envelopes will be handed out. These should be given to each family so that they can write their order information and enclose a check or provide credit card information. You will need to turn these in with all the money 30 minutes prior to your team's picture time. Players not wishing to get an individual portrait should still arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled picture time to be a part of the team picture as this photo may appear in the yearbook, on the DHYS web site, and/or on the sponsor plaque!



Trophies (Rookie and A/AA)

The cost of the trophy is included in the registration fee. Please verify the player information on the team roster that is posted on the DHYS website. Make sure that all of the players on your team appear on the roster and that their names are spelled as they should appear on the team photo in the yearbook and on their trophies.


Field Set-up and Clean-up Duty

Please help your team managers and coaches with field preparations.  Please watch our Field Prep video for basic pre-game field prep instruction:

The home team is responsible for making sure that the field is in good playing condition prior to the game. This includes dragging the infield, setting up the foul lines, batters box, etc. We strongly recommend that an official scorebook be kept (with the possible exception of Rookie), as the umpires are not responsible for keeping track of the score.

The visiting team is responsible for setting up the score board "brain" and providing a person to operate the scoreboard. At the conclusion of the game, the visiting team also puts away all the field equipment, including the scoreboard brain, and covers the pitcher's mound and home plate area. These guidelines apply particularly to the first or last game of the day (or if your particular game is the only one scheduled on the field for that day).

Each team is responsible for cleaning up the dugout, fence and bleacher area after their game. Please make the players clean up the dugouts! This is a "teachable moment" for our children. Make sure that the parents are being good role models about cleaning up as well! This applies to ALL GAMES.


End of Season Parties

End of season parties are a tradition at our park. It's time to pass out the trophies or medals and especially time to thank the managers and coaches. The parties are usually held after the last game at a restaurant or at a picnic table or in shaded grass at the park.


Coaches' Gifts

Many teams find it appropriate to thank the efforts of their managers and coaches by providing them with a gift. In the past, many teams have given gift certificates to places like Target, Dick's, The Home Depot, or even a local restaurant or other business that supports DHYS. This season, with prior notice, Brozek Sports Photography can create unique photo gifts for your special coaches. Another possibility is to make a contribution in honor of the coaches to a charitable organization of the coach's choice like Coaches Curing Cancer (see All of these ideas are, of course, suggestions. Teams should feel free to thank their coaches in whichever manner they find appropriate.


On Site Emergencies

DHYS has installed 2 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) that are posted in strategic locations at Medlock Park. One of these units was donated and the second was purchased to ensure maximum coverage within the park. Another unit is located in the equipment shed between Fields 2 and 3 and the second is inside the DHYS clubhouse.

These state-of-the-art devices can make a dramatic difference in response time in the event of a cardiac arrest, and look like this:

The devices are locked for security, but managers, coaches and Board Members have the code to the lockboxes and can access them.

If you have questions related to these devices, email .

Team parents can visit this link for an online demo.